3 Things To Look For To Know If You Need Pool Remodeling

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pool remodeling? Unnecessary? Well, that’s something totally understandable since pools and remodeling aren’t words that go along together frequently. But then again, most people across Houston dismiss remodeling because of the fact that they lack the know-how of determining when it’s time to do so.
Ideal Pool Services jots down 3 indicators that it might be time for you to remodel your inground pool. Check then down below. And while most of the articles about the topic deals with the more common indicators like identifying cracks and damages, we’re going the less travelled route to give you a deeper understanding when you do decide to remodel your pool.

Safety Features Are Outdated

Pools built back in the day are as basic as they come — dug directly into the ground, cemented, and tiled. But these pools are nowhere near on the caliber of modern pools that brandish safety features such as underwater motion alarms, nonslip stairs, and even lighting precautions. Indeed, inground pools and other pools that Houston owners these days can enjoy their pools without having to worry about the safety of its users. If your pool has seen better days, and we mean better days, then maybe it’s time to decide on having your pool remodeled by today’s pool services contractors.

Your Pool Isn’t Energy Efficient

With the number of features newer pools have, its’ safe to say that pool remodelers also take energy efficiency into account. As mentioned above, motion sensors are being integrated in pools these days, not to mentioned most inground pools these days use more lighting than ever before. So, if you’re a pool owner with all the modern amenities included, you definitely take energy efficiency seriously. Now, if your pool is using up too much energy/electricity to function, you may have to consider going for pool remodeling. Of course, pool repair can still be a viable option but do take note that repairing old and worn out components is different from changing to newer ones that are already designed to consume less energy.

Frequent Pool Repairs

Again, pool repair is never a sin for any Houston pool owner as it’s definitely more cost-effective. But when you’re repairing your inground pool more often than you already should, it’s a clear indicator that you definitely want to go for pool remodeling. Yes, the price is totally different from repairs, but then again, you’re looking at possibly hundreds if not thousands of compounded expenses doing all those repairs when you can spend a reasonable amount with the right pool remodelers and save more in the future. So, if you see yourself hiring a pool repair specialist more often than you should, do yourself a favor and invest in pool remodeling instead.

Ideal Pool Services delivers top-tier pool remodeling solutions for inground pools across Houston. We cater to both residential and commercial clients, and are more than willing to provide accurate estimates for your convenience. Give us a call today for more information.

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