In-ground Pool Repair Around Houston Area


Ideal Pool Services provides specialized inground pool repair services for residential and commercial property owners across Houston. We can identify any problems that your pool may have. Once identified, we will start the necessary repairs or replacements to help you save money and to reduce future costs caused by overlooked minor issues.


Our company knows the importance of taking immediate action for any pool issues that you may have. We understand that neglecting such issues can lead to bigger problems and can even damage your entire pool. With our skills and experience, we will provide you with complete pool services and maintenance to ensure that your pool stays in optimal condition. 


Take a look at some of the most common inground pool problems that require immediate repairs:


Plumbing and leaks. Small cracks or fissures on any part of the pool’s surface can cause leaks. And if left unattended, they tend to get worse over time. But it doesn’t end there  as leaks in the plumbing system can also occur. All these may seem minor, but if they are left alone, water will continue to seep into these tiny crevices and compromise the structural integrity of the material. In worst-case scenarios, sinkholes can develop in and around the pool, thus drastically affecting your pool’s lifespan and can even do harm to nearby structures. 


Dirty filters – Filters serve to separate water from debris such as leaves and dirt. As the water passes through the filters, any materials that do not freely pass is collected, so it’s a safe practice to regularly have it cleaned. But there are times when people simply forget or cannot afford to do regular maintenance on their filters. In time, such collected materials, specifically organic ones, begin to decompose. This creates a sludge-like compound that can not only clog water passage through filters, but it can also corrode the tool itself. 


Clogged pump – Clogs are common problems that peak during fall. Although there are a lot of factors to consider when your pump is clogged by debris, the usual culprit are dead leaves or hair fibers. And while most of the time, these can easily be removed on your own, some require the assistance of a trained professional, especially when the affected tool is the pool pump. Some of the early signs of having a clogged pump is when the pool’s pressure drops and water flowing within your pool falls. Another sign to be aware of is when you notice that although the basket is not full, the motor is constantly running at a higher pitch than normal. If you notice any of the said indicators, it’s best you call an expert to inspect and assess the situation.


Skimmer leaks – Most of the time, pool leaks are caused by a faulty skimmer. There are a lot of factors as to why the skimmer is being damaged, and one of the most common causes is unstable temperatures. While it’s true that Houston’s weather is quite hot, it can also drop to freezing. As weather becomes cold and the temperature plummets, skimmers tend to expand and allow for water molecules to seep inside microfractures within the skimmer’s surface. When the temperature rises, the initial water molecules evaporate, but in turn leave larger fractures where more water can enter.  And as far as a pool is concerned, any place where water can cause damage is definitely a problem.


If you notice early signs of these problems, give us a call so we can address the issue immediately. Our team of pool technicians are well trained and highly experienced in handling inground pool repairs as we have catered to countless similar problems across Houston for years. Give us a call or send us an email to and book an appointment. We provide timely services without breaking your budget.