Pool Equipment Installation and Repair in and Around Houston


Pool equipment are essential in order to keep your pool up and running. But sometimes, these machines can malfunction, reducing their overall efficiency. They also tend to completely breakdown which then requires the need for repair or replacement. If you are experiencing this right now or worrying that this might happen in the future, we’re here to tell you that the solution is one call away. Ideal Pool Services is here to provide for all your pool equipment repair and installation needs in Houston, TX. We have been working around pools for countless years making us the best choice in the industry.


We specialize in repairing or replacing various pool equipment like pumps, filters, heaters, and chlorine feeders. All these equipment should always be kept at an optimal condition because they help keep the swimming pool clean and also maintain its health. Updating old equipment can also save you money because there are a lot of newly created ones that can perform more efficiently, thus saving you costs on your pool utility bills.


Aside from pool equipment, we also repair and replace pool accessories like ladders, handrails and grab bars. These accessories work like safety nets that ensure the wellness of people using the pool which is why they should always be sturdy and mounted in the right places.


We also have a full line of other services that can help keep your swimming pool in shape. This includes pool replastering, tile coping, deck work, plumbing and leak repairs, pool inspections for new home purchases, and pool safety inspections.

Instead of relieving you from stress, pool damages will actually give you more. This is why you need to always keep your pools in excellent condition. For all your needs in pool equipment repair and installation in Houston, TX, be sure to choose Ideal Pool Services. We offer free estimates! Just give us a call at 281-932-6980 or 281-859-4868, send us an email at bproach@comcast.net or fill out the form on our contact page to have access to the most reliable pool services in Houston, Texas!