Efficient & Reliable Inground Pool Repair Service Across Houston, Texas

Ideal Pool Services provides specialized inground pool repair services for residential and commercial property owners across Houston. We effectively identify any problems that your pool may have and provide ideal strategies and plans of actions to properly address the situation. Our inground repairs are time tested, with a stream of pool services experts who have the right skills and training to ensure that the job is done in a timely and professional manner, thus helping you deter future costs and dilemmas for years to come.

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Why Choose Our Inground Pool Repair Solutions

Our company knows the importance of taking immediate action for your inground pool repair needs. With our skills and expertise, we are considered by a number of pool owners as their top choice when it comes to such services. While we are not the only ones providing inground pool repairs, our proprietary methods and procedures effectively addresses our clients concerns without the additional expenses. We communicate with our clients what we’ve identified and promptly give them cost effective and honest options on how to deal with the repair effectively. This is what separates us from other inground pool repair specialists.

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When To Opt For Inground Pool Repairs

Plumbing and leaks – Small cracks or fissures on any part of the pool’s surface can cause leaks. And if left unattended, they tend to get worse over time. But it doesn’t end there as leaks in the plumbing system can also occur. All these may seem minor, but if they are left alone, water will continue to seep into these tiny crevices and compromise the structural integrity of the material. In worst-case scenarios, sinkholes can develop in and around the pool, thus drastically affecting your pool’s lifespan and can even do harm to nearby structures.

Cracked or loose tiles – This may not seem important enough for some, but one loose tile can cause serious harm to anyone using the pool. Cracks on the tile work can cut swimmers, and also allows for water to slowly enter the underside of the pool and eat away at its integral structure. Clearly, here’s where inground pool repair experts come into the picture. We properly replace cracked tiles and restore loose ones. We have a team of pool experts to do the work for you, effectively cutting the time needed to accomplish the task without compromising quality.

Skimmer leaks – Most of the time, pool leaks are caused by a faulty skimmer. There are a lot of factors as to why the skimmer is being damaged, and one of the most common causes is unstable temperatures. While it’s true that Houston’s weather is quite hot, it can also drop to freezing. As weather becomes cold and the temperature plummets, skimmers tend to expand and allow water molecules to seep inside micro fractures within the skimmer’s surface. When the temperature rises, the initial water molecules evaporate, but in turn, it leaves larger fractures where more water can enter. And as far as a pool is concerned, any place where water can cause damage is definitely a problem.

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For Your Inground Pool Repair Needs Around Houston

At Ideal Pools Services, our team of pool technicians are well-trained and highly experienced in handling inground pool repairs. Having catered to countless similar problems across Houston for years, we deliver top-tier repairs in a timely and professional manner.

If you notice early signs of these problems, give us a call so we can discuss your needs and or questions in detail or schedule an appointment. You can also take a look at the other pool services that we provide by browsing through our website.