Residential and Commercial Pool Care Services Across Houston


Ideal Pool Services provides quality pool care services for properties across Houston. We specialize in a wide array of residential and commercial pool services, including accessory repair and plumbing system and leak repair. In addition, we also provide residential and commercial pool maintenance and even inspection services to ensure the safety of your pool. With all these offers, we are eliminating the need of looking for other companies just because of unoffered pool services. At Ideal Pool Services, we can confidently say that we’ve got it all covered for you. Check out what we have to offer when it comes to residential and commercial pool care and other services.


    • Pool Remodeling

      We understand that pools give in to wear and tear as years pass by. And since this is an unavoidable situation, it is just fitting to take care of your pool in order to maximize its lifespan. Ideal Pool Services specializes in providing pool remodeling services, including tile coping and replastering. May it be for residential or commercial pools across Houston, you can always rely on our team of professionals.

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    • Inground Pool Repair

      Keeping your pool in optimal condition doesn’t only require balanced chemicals, but also properly working accessories. Our residential and commercial pool services include inground pool repair, Including repairs for pool accessories such as ladders, handrails, and grab bars to ensure the safety of your pool. With our company’s pool care services, you are guaranteed to have a well-maintained swimming pool.
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    • Pool Inspection

      Pool inspection is an integral part of pool maintenance service, may it be for residential or commercial properties. Just like your home, the pool also needs to be inspected to determine if all the equipment is working and if there are any concerns that need immediate attention. We have licensed technicians who provide comprehensive pool inspections for properties across Houston.
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    • Pool Equipment Repair & Installation

      Pumps, filters, heaters, and chlorine feeders keep your pool running smoothly. Broken pool equipment makes the water dirty and can also consume more energy, resulting in expensive utility bills. Our company is your go-to team if you need to replace or install any pool equipment, may it be for a residential or commercial establishment across the Houston area.
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At Ideal Pool Services, we go beyond the traditional residential and commercial pool service and maintenance to provide all that you need to keep your pool in optimal condition. Should you have any projects that you want to discuss, feel free to give us a call at 281-932-6980 or 281-859-4868. You can also send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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We do not repair vinyl liners, fiberglass pools or above ground pools