Quality Pool Inspection Across Houston


Many people who plan to buy their home tend to get only the services of a home inspection. More often than not, they fail to realize that while home inspectors can check the entire house, they are not qualified to perform pool inspections. Ideal Pool Services on the other hand has a fully licensed team of inspectors who can perform comprehensive pool inspections for residential and commercial properties across Houston.

  • Just like any other structure of the house, pools have components that may eventually require a repair or replacement. That’s why it is better to detect any possible issues in advance. Inspection is crucial when buying any property, as it enables the buyer to identify issues that can directly affect the deal or agreement. As for our pool inspection service, it gives you comprehensive reports that include already-existing issues or even the ones you usually haven’t noticed yet. We at Ideal Pool Services take pride in providing detailed pool inspections for commercial and residential properties across Houston. Our decades of experience has given us the technical know how and practical skills to ensure top-tier results. With the quality of the pool inspection service that we provide, we have gained a great number of potential clients and referrals across the area.Our pool inspection process includes checking every aspect and structure of the pool, making sure that every component is properly functioning. From operating equipment to plumbing, and even electrical systems, all are thoroughly inspected, including the different safety features and the overall physical condition of the pool. At Ideal Pool Services, you are guaranteed to get an extensive report with regards to the condition of your pool.


Aside from swimming pool inspections, we also specialize in a wide range of services including replastering, tile coping, and deck work. Furthermore, we do repairs and replacements on pool plumbing systems, equipment, and accessories. Feel free to browse our website for the other pool services that we provide for residential and commercial properties across Houston. You can also call us at 281-932-6980 or 281-859-4868 if you have any questions. Our pool inspectors are on standby to assist you with your needs.