Pool Remodeling Service Across Houston


Swimming pools help in keeping your mental and physical state healthy. Not only can it reduce stress levels, but it also promotes relaxation. However, pools can also deteriorate, especially its overall look — it can become dull and outdated. That’s why pool remodeling and renovation is a must if you want to maintain the freshness of your swimming pool while improving its appearance. 


Ideal Pool Services specializes in providing pool remodeling, replastering, and tile coping and repair for residential and commercial clients across Houston. Pool owners opt to consider pool makeover not just to repair damages, but also to preserve its look.


There are actually a lot of options if you’ve decided to upgrade your pool. You can change its shape, install new tiles, or you can even create a new deck. Although it can cause you to spend money, it will be worth it in the long run. Having to install updated equipment on your pool can significantly reduce your utility bills and avoid the need for regular repairs and replacements. 


To give you an idea, here’s when you should consider pool remodeling, replastering, and tile coping or repair:

  • Outdated Systems – Having an old plumbing and electrical system brings serious problems to your pool. Taking this for granted not only wastes water, but may also damage and shortens the lifespan of your pool. That’s why it is important to update your pool’s electrical system to conserve energy and avoid spending on unexpected repairs.Outdated Styles – We understand that pool maintenance is not an easy task — money-wise. However, if your pool was created years ago, chances are it is already out of trend. Upgrading your swimming pool’s design doesn’t only make it look more appealing but it can also be turned into a pool that you can be more proud of. 

    Broken or Damaged Tiles – pool tile coping and replastering go hand in hand when it comes to swimming pools. As years pass by, the tiles of your pool will go wear and tear, which is normal because it is submerged in water. With this, it is recommended to conduct pool replastering and tile coping to keep your pool up and running. And to avoid any accidents caused by broken or damaged tiles.

    Damaged Plaster – As swimming pools get old, the original plaster starts to deteriorate. It can acquire stains and become rough, thus affecting the overall structural integrity of the pool. With our team of professional contractors, we make sure that your swimming pool is in perfect condition through the pool replastering service that we provide.

    Capacity – Overtime, your family will grow, and sometimes the pool can no longer accommodate everyone. By having your swimming pool remodeled or renovated, you will be allowed to cater to more people and can even host big parties if you want to.


With Ideal Pool Services, you can rest assured that pool remodeling, replastering, and tile coping will be handled by a team of professionals. Feel free to call us anytime at 281-932-6980 or 281-859-4868 or you can send us at email at bproach@comcast.net to get a free estimate. You can also browse through our website to know more about the pool services that we offer for residential and commercial properties across Houston.